Oualid Khelifi - Multimedia Author Oualid Khelifi - Multimedia Author

Running workshops

Cabo Verde 2014

As the co-founder of multimedia storytelling Afreekyama Collective, I run with the platform's other co-founder Selim Harbi workshops for university students on documentary photography, photojournalism and short film making under the theme of "About time to tell our own stories across Africa".

In November/December 2014, we produced in partnership with Festival Internacional de Fotografia de Cabo Verde (FIFCV) & Mindelo Escola Internacional de Arte (M-EIA) 3 multimedia pieces, taking 13 visual arts students for 4 weeks through:

  • Basics of journalism and visual storytelling
  • Preproduction research
  • Pitching a story
  • Screening and discussion of celebrated multimedia work in Africa
  • Technical classroom on audio, video and carrying interviews
  • Video editing software and skills
  • Photography editing and Lightroom software training.
  • Postproduction and final touches.
  • Classroom on latest multimedia trends and introduction to potential media outlets for students' future work.

Criola around the pole

In Cabo Verde as much as elsewhere in Africa, striptease clubs are mushrooming. People from all classes, ages and walks of life increasingly spend their evenings at these venues.

Vanisia is a young pole dancer in the Cabo Verdian island of Sao Vicente. She is defyingly outspoken about her job, often stigmatised and severely judged by the very same individuals who regularly pay a visit. At home, Vanisia is a loving mother who looks forward to a bright future for her children, to a Cabo Verde where society is less hypocritical and more tolerant.

A story by students: Stephanie Oliveira, Mirko Sança & Karine Patricio
Motion, stills, sound and editing: Selim Harbi & Oualid Khelifi

A voice to a scream

Ownership and use of space is a question which tore Africa more than any other continent. Today in Cabo Verde, youth of the suburbs is claiming its surroundings and denouncing dismissiveness. Sné is one voice of this movement. As an artist, his struggle is visible and applauded in the community. Yet, very few know about the man's life behind close doors.

A story by students: Nelson Graça, Crisolita Do Rosário, Karine Gomes, Hibrarin Dias & Revan Almeida
Motion, stills, sound and editing: Oualid Kheifi & Selim Harbi

Nha Korp

The discipline of bodybuilding for many is simply an exercise to lift their spirits and boost their self-esteem. In this regard, Cabo Verde isn't an exception. However, the noticeably increased use of proteins and creatine over the past few years in Sao Vicente island is turning this leisure activity into a closed-doors gym obsession. Emerson is aware of the trend, he is part of it, but he remains convinced about this relationship with his own body.

A story by students: Ivan Almeida, Fabio Testi, Eliane Azevedo, Davitson Almeida & Kervin Jose
Motion, stills, sound and editing: Oualid Kheifi & Selim Harbi