Oualid Khelifi - Multimedia Author Oualid Khelifi - Multimedia Author

Bio & Contact

Oualid Khelifi is an Algerian freelance short documentary-maker, producer and multimedia journalist born in 1985. Mainly focused on North and West African affairs, he has worked for international media, looking particularly at geopolitics and social change.

Oualid is a first class engineering & applied mathematics bachelors & masters graduate from University of Bristol (UK) and University of California (USA). Before converting to journalism and visual storytelling, he had worked as a financial risk analyst, a consultant and a project manager in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

Oualid has published and contributed to multimedia cultural pieces on music, theatre and film, including World Press Photo, New York Times, BBC, Channel 4, Sky News and several other media outlets.

Oualid is the co-founder of Afreekyama Collective, an independent collaborative platform aimed to connect North African visual storytellers and artists to their counterparts elsewhere in the continent.

Oualid is also the producer and manager of El Foukr R’Assembly, a transmedia film & music ensemble born in 2014 around the artistic vision of young Algerian experimental musicians and himself as a documentary-maker. The ensemble strives to draw the attention of North African youth towards the tremendous potential across a blooming sub-Saharan Africa, be it artistic, cultural or economic, as well as the urge of more mobility and less xenophobia between the Maghreb and other regions of the continent.

Oualid Khelifi is a native Arabic and French speaker, native-like in English, fully fluent in Spanish and has a working knowledge of Portuguese and Italian.